Matsushita Electric Works busts out remote-controlled garden

Even if you've got the greenest thumb in your neighborhood, sometimes exerting all that effort to hydrate your flora just doesn't seem worthwhile. Presumably satisfying the couch dweller in us all, Matsushita Electric Works has remarkably created yetanother invention that keeps us firmly planted on that oh-so-comfortable couch, all while giving the utmost attention to those needy azaleas. The remote-controlled Aiterrarium is an indoor gardening system in which the florescent lighting, temperature, humidity, and food / water supply is all controlled via the internet; with just a few clicks, you can make critical tweaks to the environment of your indoor greenhouse, and thanks to an "optional camera system," you don't even have to be home to watch your plant life blossom (or perish). While these are being primarily aimed at universities and agricultural research centers, there's just two things stopping you from snapping up your own -- scrounging up the ¥600,000 ($5,017) required to purchase one, and finding the motivation to actually dial up Matsushita.

[Via Far East Gizmos]