T-Mobile's Sidekick 3 limited editions from LRG and Diane von Furstenberg

Like we'd been hearing, T-Mobile is going all designer label on us with a couple of new Sidekick 3 looks. Last time, with the Sidekick II, they nabbed Juicy Couture and Mr. Cartoon to do the honors, and this time around we've got designs from Lifted Research Group (LRG), which is rocking a baby tree camo motif, and from Diane von Furstenburg which is sporting a "black is the new black" paintjob and some signature hot-pink number keys. Both phones also sport a bit of customized graphics for the phone interface itself, but otherwise the two limited edition Sidekicks remain largely unchanged. What we don't expect to remain unchanged is the price, but T-Mobile isn't saying exactly what yet -- we expect at least a $50 bump. Both phones should be available online and select retail stores on October 30th. Head on over to Engadget for the full-size pr0n.

[Via Mobiledia]