Katamari Damacy reviewed -- Nay, critiqued

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Katamari Damacy reviewed -- Nay, critiqued

Ryan Stanci has finished his three-part academic exercise critiquing Katamari Damacy on GameCareerGuide. Will critiquing video games instead of reviewing them get you a job in the industry? Possibly. It sure is a great way to be pretentious! And doing it you might become a professor at M.I.T. or the University of Wisconsin.

In part three of the work Stanci continues his critique to "create" Katamari Damacy into a piece of art. Apparently critiques create art, it's all so s-m-r-t. This installment reviews, er, critiques Katamari from the feminist, psychoanalytical and post-colonial schools of criticism. Plebeians will most certainly enjoy the feminist critique for its pedantic nature.

Katamari Damacy is expressed as a "male-centric" game and an offshoot of the "mono myth." It speaks to the oppression of women and of the King of All Cosmos spreading his seed (the stars), while the "phallic" looking Prince continually attempts to impress his father by presenting bigger balls. Is this a feminist critique or repressed homosexuality critique -- or are they one in the same? So kidding, calm down!

Seriously, Stanci gets some fascinating thoughts out on the table and it is certainly an interesting read for an intellectual exercise.
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