FoxTrot's Sudoku-ometry [update 2]

Ross Miller
R. Miller|10.15.06

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Ross Miller
October 15th, 2006
FoxTrot's Sudoku-ometry [update 2]
Bill Amend's FoxTrot is known for its love of video game themes. Today's strip found Jason Fox adding another layer of complexity to the latest pen-and-paper craze, Sudoku, while his sister Paige questions his actions.

Break out your books on calculus, sequences, binary and hexadecimal number systems, logarithms, algebra, geometry and trigonometry and get cracking -- or, if you're lazy, continue reading for the solution guide.

Note: Although we're infallible, please let us know of any errors in our calculations and we'll fix it.

[Update: addition and hexadecimal be damned! Fixed two squares]

[Update 2: hey, did you know it's actually called sudoku and not sodoku? Yeah, I forgot to tell my headline writer -- me. Fixed.]
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