Nintendo's Wiimote, like for your TV and stuff

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Paul Miller
October 16th, 2006
Nintendo's Wiimote, like for your TV and stuff
The Wii controller's resemblance to a TV remote sure hasn't been lost on us -- hence the affectionate "Wiimote" moniker that most people have assigned to the unique little controller -- but it doesn't look like it's been lost on Nintendo either. They've just shipped Wiimotes of the channel changing variety to Platinum members of Nintendo Japan's Club Nintendo rewards program. Platinum members also received a wall calendar with artwork from main Nintendo franchises, but somehow we're guessing they'll be a bit more excited by this TV remote that fully apes the form of one of the most discussed game peripherals of all time. The excitable kids professional reviewers over at IGN are sure pumped. They've posted up an unboxing of their unit, along with the inevitable comparison shots with other gaming peripherals, TV remotes and slices of bread, etc. Of course, even with those snazzy Japanese labels for each button, we can't imagine this thing would be too incredibly useful as a TV/home theater remote, but it should do fine for fanboys in search of a little wrist conditioning to get in shape for the Wii launch. Keep reading for a couple more pics, or head on over to IGN for the full deal.

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