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Lumines Live hits tomorrow [update 1]

Richard Mitchell
Richard Mitchell|@TheRichardM|October 17, 2006 6:50 PM

A day with no Live. Thousands were faced with a difficult proposition. Do nothing ,or go outside. Fear not, pasty gamers, Microsoft understands what you have gone through. As a reward, you can download Lumines Live tomorrow! It's finally here! Starting tomorrow at 8:00 GMT (1:00 AM PDT), it's yours for the downloadin'. Remember that constant whining sound reverberating across the internet? That was all the fanboys (us included) just waiting for Lumines to finally drop. You should all be grateful that the constant droning will finally cease. Just in time for the new whining to begin: "1200 points! Whaaaaa!" And that's before we get into the soon-to-be-controversial 600 point "Advance Pack." Oy.

But seriously, it's Lumines. Hooray, Lumines!

Update: Major Nelson has let the world know that the "Advance Pack" is not available yet. It will come out later, presumably when everyone's addiction will force them to purchase it.