TUAW wants you: today is the deadline

Scott McNulty
S. McNulty|10.17.06

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Scott McNulty
October 17th, 2006
TUAW wants you: today is the deadline
Today at midnight (EST) is the deadline to get your application in to become a member of team TUAW. Blogging your little heart out has never been more fun! The guidelines haven't changed (and we are sticklers for this kind of thing):
  • A brief bio
  • 3 samples of posts written in TUAW's style. One should be a review of something, another an opinion piece, and the third can be whatever strikes your fancy (existing blog posts cannot be used, this has to be new material)
  • Your current Mac setup
Email all of those things (yes, all of those things. And no, you can't just link to a bio) to apps-at-tuaw-com in plain text (no attachments, please). If you have ever thought, 'I can write better than that doofus McNulty,' now is your chance to prove it (though the doofus is reading all the applications).
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