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PS3 supporting m4a, mp3, ATRAC

Nick Doerr
Nick Doerr|October 18, 2006 10:00 AM
In the latest PSM podcast, a little tidbit slips out about the PS3's ability to support audio files. A lot of people have been rolling their eyes, saying Sony limits themselves to the proprietary ATRAC format (if anyone else has a Vaio that came equipped with Sonic Stage, you know exactly how annoying that format can be... especially if you want to move the files anywhere else), but this podcast (timestamped around 8 minutes in) tells us that "it does read iTunes music format, so if you have all that music you can actually load it on the hard drive. It will recognize that, as well as MP3 and ATRAC."

This is fantastic news and a great move on Sony's part -- now people like me, with their retardedly spacious 60GB iPod (music is the third most important thing next to writing and video gaming for this guy), can load their PS3 with music and (hopefully) play it in the background while surfing the web, downloading other stuff, playing Blast Factor, or heck, playing a full-fledged game (yeah right... but that'd be pretty sweet). Hmm, it's hard to distinguish between downloadable games like Blast Factor and games like Resistance. Is there a term for that? I tend to say "downloaded game" and "real game"... but it's not like downloaded games are "fake games". Anyone want to coin a term for use on PS3Fanboy?

[thanks, Jeremy!]