URBAN TOOL's grooveRider iPod shirt

Just in case Ermenegildo Zegna's luxurious iPod jacket was a tad rich for your blood, or you just want that same utility in an everyday shirt, Australia's URBAN TOOL has you covered. Presumably designed for the always pleasant Aussie climate, this lightweight garment sports a joey-approved "secure pocket" to hold your iPod, nano, or mini, while the "smart fabric interface" allows you to control your 'Pod with the touch of a finger. If you're down with donning tees that resemble a scrub top, and don't mind fondling your own chest to crank up the volume or skip a track, the grooveRider shirt comes in black, khaki, and "savannah" colors, while boasting the ability to survive a wash cycle without any loss of button functionality. So if wheeling around that scroll wheel is just too inconvenient for you, this debatably fashionable iPod controller can simplify things for a whopping AUD$198 ($149).

[Via AVing]