Cavegirls use Halo 2 to fight cancer

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Cavegirls use Halo 2 to fight cancer

We love it when gamers use their hobby to promote a good cause. Popular Halo 2 clan, the Cayote Cavegirls, is hosting a special tournament this weekend. Anyone can enter and all proceeds will go towards breast cancer research. You'd better hurry though, there are only seven spots left as of this posting. Of course, donations are always accepted. If you'd like to donate, click here and follow the instructions. If you'd like to learn more about the Cavegirls, we'd suggest you read this interview on Gamertag Radio. See more details after the break

Visit the Cavegirl forums if you'd like to register for the tourny (forum registration required).

The Cavegirls Present: Fight Like A Girl

Halo 2 FFA Tournament to raise money towards the fight against breast cancer

When : October 21st, 2006
Where : Online
Entry Fee : $10 (*no refunds, this event is for charity)
Who can sign up? : ANYONE smile.gif
Time : 12pm Hawaii
3pm Pacific
4pm Mountain
5pm Central
6pm Eastern
8:30pm Venus TIME *added by me ASH!! grrr don! LoL!!
11pm ProtonovaTime
8am Oct22 Behbehcheeeses time

*Note: ALL procedes will go to the fight against breast cancer.

-FFA, Single Elimination
-Max players : 64 (8 rooms of 8 players)
-The top 4 from each room will go on to the next round
-The final 4 remaining players will move on to the final round
-The winner of the final round wins the tournament

Motion sensor: On
Score to win round: 50
Round time limit: 20 minutes
Suicide penalty: None
Starting weapon: Battle Rifle
Weapons on map: Human
Maps: Lockout, Warlock, Midship, Ivory Tower, Beaver Creek, Sanctuary

No cheating of any kind.
No modding.
No standbying.
No superjumping.
No getting out of the map.
Good sportsmanship at all times. No trash talking, racial slurs, sexist remarks, or other insulting comments.
Any violation of the rules will result in an ejection from the tournament.

Leaders: - If you are entered in the tournament, you must send a friend request to each leader!
The Don Wan - Send FR to GT: SlipperyRoofie
Zoom Demon - Send FR to GT: Zoomie D
Cayote - Send FR to GT: CG Cayote
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