GQ Taiwan auctions custom 360s for charity

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GQ Taiwan auctions custom 360s for charity
We really thought we'd seen it all when it comes to Xbox 360 case mods and paint jobs, but this new Honest-SkinBox really, and truly, takes the cake. We suppose it's for a good cause -- GQ Taiwan and Microsoft got 10 artist to create custom Xbox 360s, which are being auctioned off on Yahoo Taiwan, with the proceeds going to benefit World Vision -- so we can't really cast too many aspersions. But really, what were they thinking with this one? The SkinBox, from American artist "Honest" is built to look like a living thing, in the middle of digesting that "snack" you can see glued to the side of the 360. It's hard to call the unit much of a resumé builder, but it sure got our attention. Thanks, Honest, but we think we'll be sticking with our plain ol' non-nausea-inducing boringbox.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]
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