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Quanta Computer to start a test production of OLPC's 2B1

Quanta Computer to start a test production of OLPC's 2B1
Cyrus Farivar
Cyrus Farivar|October 19, 2006 8:19 AM
Last we heard from NickNeg's OLPC, the organization had just signed a big deal to sell 1.2 million laptops to Libya. Today, we've just found out that Quanta Computer is readying to start a "test production" of those laptops, with sample units to be available starting in November. According to DigiTimes, Quanta said it expects to start making these cute green machines by early 2007 and will have shipped 10 million units by early 2008. Fanfare aside, DigiTimes also cited unnamed "sources within Taiwan's IC design sector" that there are doubts as to what countries are going to actually buy these machines, with only one country (Libya) having confirmed an order so far. Or as OLPC News put it: "Would Libya be your first round draft pick if you were thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts about helping developing world children through information and communication technologies?" Touché, OLPC News. Your response, OLPC?

[Via OLPC News]
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