Sony battery recall approaches 10 million, costs mounting

We've written so much on this Sony battery fiasco that we almost feel like we could just gather our posts and sell 'em together as a PDF for $5 a download. But if we did that, we'd miss out on this latest chapter: the Sony battery recall is now nearing the 10 million mark, and that's straight from the horse's mouth. Yes, Sony announced late Thursday that it would be recalling a total of 9.6 million batteries worldwide, including 90,000 of its own Vaio batteries. Beyond that, the Japanese giant will take a 38 percent hit on its annual profit forecast -- so if you're keeping score, the battery recall has cost the company so far a total of ¥51 billion ($429 million) from July to September. Well, we're in October now, and so it stands to reason that the company is likely to lose out further. And if that wasn't enough, The Associated Press reports: "Sony spokesman Takashi Uehara said the 51 billion yen figure doesn't include 'provisions for possible lawsuits' suggesting costs may actually grow." Nope, definitely not the time to close the book on this story, no sir.