Sony ups Micro Vault "Midi" storage to 8GB

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Sony ups Micro Vault "Midi" storage to 8GB
Sony's boosting the storage capacity of its Micro Vault flash drives (again), with the USB sticks now reaching the magic 8GB mark -- territory previously reserved for Sony's larger, squarer Micro Vault Pro drives. Other than doubling up on gigabytes, the new drive remains the same as previous Micro Vault drives, featuring a retractable USB connector and Sony's pre-installed Virtual Expander software (Windows only), which promises to triple the storage capacity by compressing files that are transferred to the drive. No word yet on how much the voluminous new drive will cost, though it should be on store shelves sometime next month -- with 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB models still available for the less demanding among us.

[Via Photography Blog]
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