When growing pot, don't leave the crops' coordinates in your GPS receiver

Evan Blass
E. Blass|10.20.06

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We should start off by saying that growing and selling marijuana for a living isn't the best idea -- besides being illegal, it doesn't look very good on your resumé, and the lack of a 401k option is detrimental to your retirement plans. And if you're absolutely dead set on a career in chronic cultivation, driving around with 18 pounds of the stuff in your trunk is something that you'd want to avoid. But a gentleman in Racine, Wisconsin named Dean Brown must be far dimmer than the average dope grower, because not only was he caught with a car full of freshly-harvested wacky tobacky, he was actually stupid enough to have stored the coordinates of all his grow sites in a portable GPS receiver hanging around his neck. After sheriff's deputies discovered the huge stash in Brown's car, they proceeded to plug all of the locations from the nav unit into Google Earth, giving them a handy map that has led to four separate plots of pot so far. As a repeat drug offender, Brown faces up to 59 years in prison and a steep fine for his latest brush with law, although there's a slight chance that he'll get off if the arresting officers are unable to pull themselves away from their marathon screening session of "The Wizard of Oz" synced up to Pink Floyd's "The Wall."

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