Hellboy director consults for game

Chris Powell
C. Powell|10.22.06

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Hellboy director consults for game
Hellboy director consults for gameHellboy director Guillermo del Toro hopes to add some personal touches to the PSP's Hellboy video game that weren't present in the franchise's debut a few years back. You see, Hellboy was released in 2004 to some pretty lackluster reviews. The game has a 12-percent Gameranking score. Seriously. So you can see why del Toro, who is a consultant along with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, wants to give his two cents on the next game.

Speaking to IGN about his new Hellboy game, del Toro said, "The essential weapon of Hellboy, and this I love, is not only his glove, which like in the movie can be charged with power, but he can use everything available. If he destroys a door, he can grab a piece of that door and start beating the crap out of someone! Or if he destroys a stone archway, he can pick up a stone and throw it. I think it's looking very promising. We played a few demo minutes the other day and we had fun."

The game, which will be published by Konami, is del Toro's first foray into the video game industry, but it won't be his last. He's working with Terminal Reality to bring us Sundown, a game that combines zombies and a post-apocalyptic world together into a gamer's wet dream.

Be sure to read the rest of what del Toro has to say by clicking here.

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