Royche / A4Tech busts out glass-friendly Glaser Mouse X6-70D

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.23.06

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Royche / A4Tech busts out glass-friendly Glaser Mouse X6-70D
Here's yet another spectacle that's being thrown down solely in the Korean market. A4Tech has unveiled a glass-friendly mouse designed by Roysche which breaks the stereotypical belief that laser-equipped mice don't get along with clear surfaces. The Glaser Mouse X6-70D sports a very ordinary design (slightly akin to a Logitech G5), but touts an atypical "high resolution" laser that feels right at home on desktop surfaces, mousepads, pant legs, or even freshly-cleaned glass. Aside from controlling the cursor from nearly any surface imaginable ("99 percent" to be exact), it sports an "ergonomic" design, programmable buttons, an option to eliminate "double clicking," and an "Office" button that presumably launches a shortcut pad to your most necessary (read: Firefox and WoW) programs to prepare you for a hard day's night. Per usual, no pricing or availability information has leaked our way yet, but we're sure it won't be too long until we see glass-friendly critters here in the States.

[Via AVing]
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