My Dream App final round voting

Dan Lurie
D. Lurie|10.24.06

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Dan Lurie
October 24th, 2006
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My Dream App final round voting

Eight o'clock (EDT) tomorrow night marks the end of voting for the final round of Phill Ryu's My Dream App competition. What started just over a month ago with 24 eager contestants and their software-concepts has been whittled down by four rounds of voting to the six best ideas as decided by thousands of people like ourselves. The masterminds of the three ideas with the most votes will receive a new MacBook and a contract to have their software made into a full-fledged OS X application, the revenue from which they get a share of. Keeping with tradition (and even going a bit above and beyond what we've seen in the past), everyone who votes in this last round will receive a free license for Overflow 2.0, PhotoPresenter 2.6, and $5 off one of the new Insanely Great Tees from Monkey Business Labs.

Competition between the contenders has been brutal this round, with almost all of the ideas making it into the top three at one time or another over the past day, with Atmosphere (one of the app's I voted for, yay!) currently in the lead. The one contestant that has stayed consistent throughout the voting has been Blossom, of which Steve Wozniak has to say; "This would only be remotely entertaining if the plant was marijuana or opium and when you did certain things like actually work, you killed your crop. Maybe you could make virtual cash and compete online for the best cash crop. In order to grow the weed and heroin you have to browse certain web sites that would require you be smoking weed to start with; like the Vista developer site."

So get out there and vote! It only takes a few minutes, you get yourself some great free software, and in the process help decide the winner of a great competition that will eventually benefit you through new and interesting applications to play with.

Update: "What, you mean today isn't Wednesday?" Thanks for pointing out my errors guys, I must be losing it.

Update, the second: Ok, here's the deal on the whole "who's on first" business. I do have insider information when it comes to MDA, but not in the case of this vote. Without even really thinking about it, I made a (silly now that I think of it) assumption that the first, second, third etc histogram bars corresponded to the first, second,third etc applications listed below. I would never intentionally do anything to skew the results. Sorry about the confusion
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