GOW theme and picture pack winners

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GOW theme and picture pack winners
GOW theme and picture pack winners

The results are in and we have 5 lucky winners in our Gears of War theme and picture pack contest. Over a hundred people responded, telling us what 360 inspired costume they would wear for Halloween. In no particular order, the completely random winners are:

1. SirPasta117, who will be wearing "A big viva pinata costume. You know that one with the afro and four legs," We're pretty sure you're referring to a fudgehog.

2. Dr Funbags, who will be dressing as Xbox Live Marketplace: "I'm gonna wear an overcoat lined with green and orange "blades" and offer my friends candy and then charge them for every little piece that they take." That's just cold man, cold.

3. Willson, who will be going as the Red Ring of Death. That one looks like it's going to be popular this year.

4. Andy, who will be dressed as "a PS3 with an axe through it, signaling the end of the reign of the PS3 and the beginning of that of of the X360!" Indeed, Andy, indeed. Andy was also excited for today's giveaway of UMK3. We hope that's not the only game you like, Andy (hint, hint).

5. minuts has all his "black spandex ironed and ready" so he can portray the bald headed spy from Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Or maybe Lambert. Spies look pretty popular this year as well.

Congratulations to our five winners. Your theme and picture pack codes will be mailed to you shortly. If you didn't win today, don't feel left out. We have an even better contest launching later today. We've already let you know that you could win a copy of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, but we've also got something else to give away. Let's just say that UMK3 isn't first prize. Stick around, more details to come.
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