Optoma's EP series of DLP projectors

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Thomas Ricker
October 25th, 2006
Optoma's EP series of DLP projectors

Optoma just launched their EP series of projectors set to go on sale in Japan next month. In contrast to their budget 720p/1080p capable HD series, all the EP models 'cept the 800x600-limited EP716P (¥207,900 / $1,745) are capable of a mere 1024x768 pixel resolution. The EP729 (¥302,400 / $2,538) DLP pictured above delivers a 2200:1 contrast ratio, 1.15 optical zoom lens and throws 33~36dB of noise and 1,600 lumens off its 156W lamp. Ideal for the busy sales goon on the go since it weighs just 0.99-kgs / 2.2-pounds and can project an image onto a surface as close as 1.5-meters. The EP7150 (¥281,400 / $2,362) meanwhile, packs TI's DarkChip2 at the guts with a 1.1x zoom, 2,000 lumen capable 156W lamp, 2500:1 contrast ratio, and cranks 33~36dB during operation. Bringing up the tail is the entry-level EP719P (¥260,400 / $2,186) DLP with 200W lamp delivering 2000 lumens and 2500:1 contrast ratio. Sorry, no HDMI or DVI inputs anywhere in the mix so you'll have to settle for component, composite, S-Video, and analog RGB. See the others after the break, if you really care.

That's the EP716P / EP719P fatty for newbies up there.
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