Run OS X 10.4.8 legally on any PC, kinda sorta

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|10.25.06

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There's plenty of folks out there who would love to run Mac OS X on generic PC hardware. In fact we've chronicled some of their efforts on this here blog of ours. Well according to Reg Hardware, one such fellow, Semthex, has just released what he claims is a legal version of Apple's kernel, which will run on any generic x86-powered machine. There's one catch, though: you'll have to run OS X entirely from the command line, so say goodbye to those fantasies of running Aqua full blast to spice up your beige box. That being said, Semthex subsequently posted to his blog that running a GUI is possible, "but it needs a key-salt to be inserted into 'commpage.c,' I won't provide because it would violate Apple Right and the law. But I heard it is already around." No matter which version you try, as always, your mileage may vary, so proceed at your own risk; but if you do reach computing nirvana, or blow up your PC in the process, let us know either way, cool?

[Via Reg Hardware, photo courtesy of MacUser]
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