A little dig on the Burning Crusade via Foxtrot

David Nelson
D. Nelson|10.27.06

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A little dig on the Burning Crusade via Foxtrot
I used to read Foxtrot daily when I was a younger guy. I would wake up every morning, grab the newspaper off the porch, read the sports page and then hit the comics. As far as I know, my newspaper only had those two sections. There may have been a couple more, but heck if I ever read them. Then I discovered the internet in college and ESPN.com, and my need for the Detroit News or Free Press was greatly reduced and I stopped reading the comics entirely. After having not read Foxtrot in years, I am happy to see that Jason is as big a geek as ever.

Foxtrot has been known, through the Jason character, to spotlight what is hot in the geek community, and World of Warcraft is no exception. Last week they dealt with the panic that overcomes a WoW addict when the internet service is interrupted, and this week they have a nice series of jabs at the beta key frustrations of those of us on the outside looking in.

And on a totally unrelated point, I pimp Blizzard 24-7 on a site that gets a pretty good amount of traffic. As does Mike and Elizabeth! Where are our keys? Huh? Where are they?

Just kidding. I do not want to anger my Blizzard overlords on the chance they lock my IP out of WoW and I end up playing Stars Wars Galaxies or something. Yuck.

[Thanks to Trippy and Jeffrey for sending this in via our tips form!]
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