Adelpia's AlphaScan 19-inch and 22-inch LCDs

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Thomas Ricker
October 26th, 2006
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Adelpia's AlphaScan 19-inch and 22-inch LCDs

There's a new panel in town, and his name is Adelpia AlphaScan. Both panels are limited to DVI / D-Sub 15 inputs and feature a 330cd/m2 brightness and 800:1 contrast ratio. The AD190D (on left) is a 19-inch TFT LCD delivering a 1280x1024 pixel resolution with smokin' 2-ms response time while the 22-inch J2200W delivers a 1680x1050 resolution and a peppy 5-ms response from such a big panel. That 22-incher looks eerily similar to the 19-inch panel gracing the new Sotec we saw earlier today and both appear to be OEM'd by Chinese K-tronics... sooo incestuous. Firsts around here either way. Ya'll be cool now, hear?


read -- AD190D
read -- J2200W

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