Samsung U710 goes both ways on Verizon

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|10.26.06

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Samsung U710 goes both ways on Verizon
Major Korean manufacturer launches dual-hinge clamshell on largest GSM network in the US. Said clamshell disappoints; disappears without a successor. Manufacturer goes for another launch, this time on largest CDMA network in the US. What might contribute to the U710's success on Verizon where Cingular's D307 failed? For starters, if these pictures are any indication, the U710 doesn't look so much like the solid block of child-safe plastic its ancestor resembled. Add in some LBS, an honest-to-goodness camera, A2DP, and external music controls, and it looks like Samsung might just have a winner on their hands this time around for the non-smartphone types out there that dig the QWERTY.

[Thanks, Martin A.]

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