PS3's SIXAXIS goes under the knife

When it comes to consumer electronics, there are basically two types of people in the world: those folks who'd rather remain blissfully ignorant about the inner-workings of their toys, and those who rip open a product's packaging, toss the instructions in the garbage, and immediately break out their screwdrivers and desoldering kits to discover exactly what makes their new tech tick. From the sheer number of naked gadget photo spreads we've featured on these pages, it's pretty clear that we fall into this latter group, which is why our heart started beating a little faster when we came across a thorough gallery of the PS3's SIXAXIS controller cracked open and splayed out for all of us silicon pr0n fiends to ogle. Thanks to a ChinaGBA forum contributor named Panpp, we not only have close-up shots of the SIXAXIS's every nook and cranny, but a layer-by-layer dissection of all its motion-sensing, rumble-free, non-replaceable battery goodness. So keep reading for a few more pics, and then hit the Read link for even more controller carnage (spoiler: we went over every photo with a magnifying glass, and unlike those sneaky engineers over at Apple, it seems that Sony isn't in the business of hiding highly-desirable, crippled components in its hardware).

[Thanks, ChronoZaga]