Core 2 Duo iMacs unofficially rock 802.11n capabilities

We know, it's still draft-spec equipment, but the fact that Apple has knowingly strapped an 802.11n-compliant wireless card inside its newest refresh of iMacs could certainly be telling of a certainproduct's future (or not). While a few enterprising users happened to spot the 802.11n inclusion while kicking around in the latest build of Windows Vista, there seems to be a bit more supporting evidence now; service source documents apparently credit the Broadcom BCM4321-series chip as the brains behind the iMac's WiFi, which Broadcom proudly boasts as the "first IEEE 802.11n draft-compliant solution." While the "firstness" is certainly debatable, the part number is reportedly visible on the iMac's AirPort Extreme module, giving us hope that Vista is somewhat on track and not completely doomed for infinitedelays after all. While the current version of OS X chooses to ignore this speedy potential, future releases may be a bit more likely to fully disclose its secrets -- should the IEEE ever get its act together on a final 802.11n protocol, that is. Nevertheless, we're still a bit stumped as to why the snazzy new Mac Pro's didn't get the undercover next-gen WiFi offering, but hey, that's Apple for ya.