Desperate fan claims he will destroy Virtual Boy

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|10.30.06

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Desperate fan claims he will destroy Virtual Boy
Desperate fan claims he will destroy Virtual Boy

There are a lot of crackpot fans out there when it comes to Nintendo. You know the ones. They delve so deep into that world of Mario and Link that they often become unreachable. Kind of like the kid that beat Mario Bros. 3 in 11 minutes. Our new friend Jack here holds in his hands an often sought-after piece of gaming history -- the Virtual Boy. If you aren't familiar with the Virtual Boy, quickly re-educate yourself via Wikipedia.

The plot is simple. Jack has devised a plan to get a Wii. He started a site called Destroy My Virtual Boy that is dedicated to the destruction of this gaming antique. Jack has put the power of destruction in his donors hands. The highest bidder decides how Jack demolishes his Virtual Boy if enough money is raised. If he does not get the shining $250, he will cut his Virtual Boy in half. Why? Because he is a crazed Wii Fanboy.

The site is complete with donor names and their amounts given along with plenty of photos, videos, a bio and information about his Wii fund. Jack also has jumped on the self advertisement wagon and started a MySpace page.

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In a way, this reminds us of Save Toby, minus the whole killing a live bunny act. What's worse is that people are going for it. So far the highest bidder is John G. who laid out $50 for Jack's cause. Though watching someone destroy video game systems can be visually arresting, we are on the fence. Do we call these donors baboons for giving in to a kid or do we call them muses for feeding his creativity?

[Thanks Dave Elliot!]

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