GlobalSat's GV-370T GPS navigator with MP3 playback, of course

Updated ·1 min read

Have at it kids, yet another 3.5-inch GPS navigator only this time from GlobalSat. The GV-370T is the latest SiRFstar III satnav device to deliver North American and Europe navigation along with MP3 and photo viewing capability (what, no video?). Powered by a Samsung SC2410 proc running WinCE, the GV-370T features 64MB Flash ROM / 64MB SDRAM with SD expansion for maps, a 1200mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable offering up to 2-hours 15-minutes continuous operation or 100 hours standby, and 3.5-mm stereo jack for music on the go. Not the prettiest girl on the block but she probably won't cost ya much either whenever GlobalSat manages to turn 'er out.