Dutch pull 10% of their voting machines, more to come?

While the US struggles to work out the say, kinkswithitsownflavor of voting machines, the Dutch just decided to partially chuck some of theirs after the Dutch intelligence service (AIVD) discovered just how vulnerable they are. The 1,187 or so machines to be pulled are all manufactured by Sdu and only make up 10% of the machines used across the Netherlands. Just how insecure are they? Well, the Sdu e-voting machines not only leak radiation like a rogue state, but they also transfer cast ballots with the help of a built-in GPRS modem -- all this makes them easily hackable from up to 30-meters away. The 34 affected municipalities, including Amsterdam, can now install themselves some spankin' new chess playin' voting machines from Nedap which the remaining 90% of the Dutch population will already be bellied-up to during the November 22, general election. Thing is, they too, are currently under intense scrutiny due to their own form of "spurious emissions" amongst other security concerns. Uh, paper and pencil anyone?

[Via The Register]