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Hot new DAP comes in Japanese chili powder container

Hot new DAP comes in Japanese chili powder container
Cyrus Farivar
Cyrus Farivar|October 31, 2006 4:15 AM
Who says you can't have your audio player and eat it too? Not that we recommend ingesting consumer electronics, but you just might be tempted to if your DAP was encased in a small container of shichimi Japanese chili powder (we're betting that they've rinsed it out, though). This 2.6-inch tall 128MB player will play back both WMA and MP3 files, and features a headphone cable integrated into the neckstrap. It'll set you back a scorching ¥8800 ($74), and while that may not buy you the kawaii-est player in Nippon, it'll surely get you the hottest. We'll be here all week.

[Via Engadget Japanese]
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