Hela rolls out ergonomic Glider Mouse

While the FINGER, Fluffy Soap, LogiNoki, AquaPoint, and Head$h0t mice definitely border on the weirder side of input peripherals, at least Hela's Glider Mouse seeks to decrease the amount of worldwide carpal-tunnel complaints with its creation. Although it isn't the most flattering design, the ergonomic device attaches to the bottom of your keyboard and sports a central mousing surface, left / right wrist pads, and a sure-to-be-misplaced "glider" that bears a striking resemblance to an air hockey striker. Your cursor is controlled by maneuvering the glider around the center pad, and its forthright location deems it useable for righties and southpaws alike; moreover, the 12 integrated buttons are ideal for the plethora of WoW macros you probably rely on nightly. The Glider Mouse is available in both 15.7- and 18.9-inch flavors to function with just about any notebook or awkwardly-shaped keyboard, but the £149 ($288) and up pricetag will likely have you resorting to more wrist-damaging options anyway.

[Via PopGadget]