NEC's new 60XR5 plasma and friends

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Paul Miller
November 2nd, 2006
NEC's new 60XR5 plasma and friends
Nothing too exciting to see here, but NEC has some new displays and projectors in the pipe, and we thought we'd let you know. Most pertinent is the 60XR5 Home Theater Plasma Display, which features HDMI with HDCP for 1080p signals, thought the display itself can only manage a WXGA (1,366 x 768) resolution. NEC also boosted the contrast ratio to 350% of the previous model, but their new power efficient design only draws 440W all the same. The 60-inch display is shipping now for a hefty $8,999. NEC also has a "pro" version of the display, the 60XM5, which switches out HDMI for DVI, but is otherwise fairly similar, and will be shipping next week for $7,999. NEC is also busting out a bevy of budget projectors: the VT49, VT490, VT590, VT595 and VT695. The first two rock a SVGA resolution for $699 and $739 respectively, while the rest go for XGA. The latter two include a DVI port, along with five-watt speakers and a remote control adjustable audio out. The 49, 490 and 595 will be out in December, while the 590 and 695 are both due mid-November of this year.

[Via AboutProjectors]
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