Xbox 360 update bricking consoles?

Apparently yesterday's update for the Xbox 360 has been a bit too harsh for some of the masses. Our compatriots at Xbox 360 Fanboy are telling us that this new update is bricking various 360s, modded and unmodded alike. That being said, X360F hasn't been able to replicate the problem on the in-house 360, so your mileage may vary. Furthermore, CrunchGear is pointing out that this update has also caused problems with Sony's XBR2 / XBR3 series, which now won't display at 1080p via component or VGA. However, our friends in Redmond have apparently been alerted to the problems, so just sit tight and we'll keep you updated.

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Update: Jake wrote in to point us to the Sony manual [PDF link] which has some words regarding the TV problem: "If you look on pages 16 and 17 of the manual for the TVs you'll not that it only lists up to 1080i over component. I knew that when I bought it but this no 1080p over VGA is for the birds. Maybe it has to do with the frequency that the picture is displayed at. The manual says for best picture viewing at 1080p you should set the PC or in this case the Xbox to horizontal 67.5 kHz and vertical to 60 Hz."