Xbox 360 fall update in a few pictures

Surely so, this morning we flipped the switch on our Xbox 360 and were able to download the fall update which, among other things, enables HD DVD, 1080p support, and Windows Media Connect media sharing. We were obviously unable to test the HD DVD support, but we did snag a few shots of 1080p in action, as well as the new media sharing capabilities. Oh, and we do apologize for the (usual) crappiness of our pics -- LED DLP displays really don't photograph very well.

The update took only a moment to download. Then again, we wouldn't have really expected it to be 80MB or anything.

Aaaand a quick restart.

We dashed straight to the display menu to enable 1080p on our 1080p-capable set. And what the hell, it worked fine -- even though on the menu system we so no discernible difference. (But really, why would we?) Oh, and don't mind those colors, like we said, LED DLPs photograph kinda funny.

See? 1080p, we told ya.

And now onto the video.

Yep, plenty o' places to watch video from. Obviously we were most interested in watching from our Windows Media Connect-enabled computer. And for those eager to start streaming something besides WMV, sorry, the boys behind Transcode 360 are still only pondering plugging in to WMC and WMP to transcode on the fly to the Xbox over this new method.

Make sure it's running, bud.

Oh, and make sure your Xbox is authorized. Doy.

Ah, ok, there we are. The Crushinator's going to serve us up some media.

It automagically indexes all your shared directories and subdirectories so finding shared media is a cinch. Unfortunately the only WMV video we had readily available was of our man Dave Zatz unboxing the TiVo Series3.

Hit play and sit back to watch the magic happen.

So this video is upscaled and zoomed from QVGA onto approximately 1350 x 1080. You can imagine how that looked, but that's not really the point. The point is it works simply and as advertised, which is more than we can say for a lot of home streaming media solutions.

Thanks Dave. Enjoy that 1080p.

P.S. -We've heard of at least one person having issues with 1080p to his set. While we didn't have any problems with 1080p whatsoever, what's your experience been like? Let us know in comments (don't forget to tell us what kind of set you're using, and whether it's native or downscaled 1080p).