DealSexDuo: homebrew game for adults

This might be one of the hottest tips we've ever received. A French homebrew developer by the name of Cau'x has released a game he calls DealSexDuo. According to his website, "DealSexDuo is a sexual preliminaries game for couple on PSP. Make a deal with your mate and sort out the winner with mini games. Humour, Hot pledges, and sexy ambient are announced. Your PSP turns into the most usefull sextoy's for your night of love."

This game requires 2 players (of any gender). If you're over 18 and would like to have a scandalous evening with you, your loved one, and your homebrew-ready PSP, visit CauXPROD. (I haven't played this game, so the braver [and less single] individuals can leave a comment!)

[Via DCEmu]

[Update 1: Changed image, as per reader request.]