Molyneux would've loved to work with the Wii

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Molyneux would've loved to work with the Wii
During an interview with Computer and Video Games, Lionhead Studios head and Fable creator Peter Molyneux took a chance to speak his mind regarding the Wii when questioned. The entirety of the interview is mainly based on Peter's work in the development field and his time at Microsoft, but he does take the opportunity to express his interest in Nintendo's console:

: Is the Wii something, under different circumstances, you'd like to explore?

: I'd love to play around with it. You know, it's a pure design challenge and the biggest change you can make in a designer's life is changing the controller and not thinking about 'oh we're not going to put this on the X button and that on the A button' - but having to do a complete re-think is quite an exciting challenge and something I would've loved to have got my teeth into, yes.
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