PlayStation 3 menu / interface complete video walkthrough

In the second part of our pre-release PlayStation 3 videos, we've got a full walkthrough of the XMB menus and user interface of the console. No, sorry, no gameplay -- why bother when our video camera wouldn't show the graphic subtleties anyway? -- but we've got the A-Z on almost everything in the console, including the new and improved Sony browser, the Folding@Home client, and even a tiny preview of the PlayStation Network's friends and messaging features. Check it out!

P.S. -Our flash video isn't the highest quality / res. If you want the best looking video, check out the VGA h.264 file below.

Download video
MOV (h.264) - VGA, QVGA

Music: Christopher Willits - Orange Lit Space, Colors Shifting, Finding Ground (Ghostly International)