Grind all the way to 70? Maybe not.

David Nelson
D. Nelson|11.06.06

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Grind all the way to 70?  Maybe not.
This announcement from Tigole (via WoW Vault) states that Blizzard is trying to put a little more of the multiplayer back into their MMORPG. least as far as EXP goes as you make your way to 70. Some highlights:
  • Blizzard is going to make questing a more applealing way to level. I assume this means more experience for turn ins, making questing a viable option for the speed levelers, rather than grinding for hours on end.
  • The leveling curve will be lengthened, providing a longer (and hopefully content-filled) experience.
  • They plan on placing more emphasis on dungeon experience. I hope this is true, as I think it is silly that you are penalized so heavily for grouping up in a game that is supposed to be all about interacting with others.
  • Blizzard is going to place less emphasis on outdoor grinding while not on a quest. I wonder if they are doing this by nerfing EXP from mobs or if they are going to buff questing to the point where you'd be crazy to grind. Or possibly a little of both.
Tigole says Blizzard's goal is to make the leveling process from 60 to 70 entirely possible from questing alone. He goes on to say that if someone gets to the point where they need to grind to level, then Blizzard needs to further tune things up (hopefully entirely) during the beta. He also says while they are not forcing people to hit the dungeons, the EXP reward (not to mention the loot!) will make it something most definitely worthwhile.

I would say this is pretty good news! What do you guys think?
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