Sony's Marketing SVP Peter Dille gets grille-d

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|11.07.06

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Sony's Marketing SVP Peter Dille gets grille-d
Engadget has posted an interview with Sony Computer Entertainment's SVP of Marketing, Peter Dille. He's only been back with Sony for the past six months, coming aboard right at the start of E3, the equivalent of being dropped behind enemy lines without a map.

They don't pull any punches with the questions, asking him about the declining PS3 launch numbers (Dille fails to nail down a figure), the UMD format, and the never-ending saga of "true HD." While a lot of his answers are standard PR responses (hey, he's a PR guy -- he probably talks like that at home), he's also honest about the things he knows about, and what he's unsure of. Of particular note is that the PS3 will upscale DVDs to 1080p, something that Microsoft had announced the HD-DVD player would do for non-native HD DVDs.

He also addresses the lack of rumble in the SIXAXIS controller, saying "I was talking to Phil Harrison about recently is the weight of the controller is now so much lighter that you almost forget that you have it. And again, it's bringing you one step closer to the game." What, by making you forget you're holding a controller? While the PS3 controller is definitely light, it's not like a feather resting in your hands.

On the issue of not including an HD cable with the PS3, he claims that's to give "flexibility and choice, based on how they want to use the system in their home." Not to make us have to buy one more thing from Sony? Color us suspect. As much as they push 1080p, Blu-Ray, and "true HD," you think they'd be handing the cables out like candy. We want to be able to go HD right out of the box. As far as having a VGA cable with the PS3? "I have to get back with you on that one. Not sure."

We applaud his honest answers (although we would have liked more info about the Lik-Sang litigation) and feel for the guy. They're trying to get this lumbering beast off the ground and not get stuck with a Spruce Goose.
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