TiVo raises rates, limits WPA to own WiFi adaptor

Doing away with the generally well-regarded lifetime subscription was unfortunate albeit bearable, but now TiVo is really pressing its luck. Just in time for folks to slash that pricey Series3 off their holiday wishlist, the widely adored DVR company is not only upping its monthly service rates for new customers and those currently on prepaid plans, but also limiting WPA support to its own TiVo Wireless G Adapter. Just days after teasing high-rollers with its chromed-out $50 "premium remote," TiVo has announced that monthly rates are being raised to $19.95 per month for those in one-year commitments (up from $12.95 monthly), $14.95 per month if you're locked in for 24 months, and $12.95 monthly if you make the huge mistake of signing up for three solid years. For additional units in your crib, the extra $6.95 per month is now up to $13.95, $8.95, or $6.95 depending on your 1/2/3-year commitment. In a move to seemingly further limit your choices (and make things easier on its own tech support personnel), your only option for utilizing WPA on that Series2 / Series3 box is to fork out for TiVo's own 802.11g device. Apparently TiVo either thinks we're all made of money, or there's simply a lack of alternative DVR solutions waiting to take its place on your AV shelf -- both of which are probably incorrect assumptions.

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