DrewTech rolls out Linux-powered DashDAQ data acquisition system

With Linux hitting it big on everything from the PSP to Monster's network media and automation devices, it's no surprise to see the OS taking charge on DrewTech's DashDAQ. The portable conglomerate is a "cross between a data acquisition system, diagnostic tool, automotive gauge display, and a handheld computer," and is targeting automotive gurus who crave performance monitoring, data charts, and customized gauges / diagnostic meters. With a bit of 1337 programming skills, the device can display nearly anything you desire, and can double as a navigation monitor, CarPC display, or snazzy tachometer to boot. It boasts a 4-inch QWVGA touchscreen, adjustable backlight, 200MHz ARM processor, 64MB of internal RAM, MMC / SD card slots, USB 2.0 connectivity, a serial port, and support for optional Bluetooth / WiFi add-ons. It also plays nice with OBDII, EGT, O2, and a plethora of other vehicle sensors. If this hodgepodge has you in a tizzy, but the gearhead in you longs for "one more toy," be sure to peep the video of DrewTech's multi-purpose device in action to determine if its worth the $595 pricetag.