New Fable artwork (arrrrrrrr!)

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New Fable artwork (arrrrrrrr!)

Microsoft sent out some new Fable 2 concept art today. You can't tell from this environment sketch, but the characters lead us to believe that Fable 2 will have a very heavy piratical element (and possibly gypsies). The characters practically swing out of the picture (on a chandelier, natch) yelling obscenities and obscure nautical terms. Sure, we haven't seen any actual screenshots yet, but we love the darker, grittier feel than the original. We also relish the idea of sailing the seas and visiting new continents. Hopefully, we'll hear more on the game's development soon. Check out the scurvy ridden character art after the break.

To the one on the left, "Arrrrrr!" To the one on the right, "Rawr!"

"Remember kids, smoking is not cool."

Do these pique your interest more than the first game?
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