Quark caves to customer wishes regarding licensing issue

Laurie A. Duncan
L. Duncan|11.07.06

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Laurie A. Duncan
November 7th, 2006
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Quark caves to customer wishes regarding licensing issue
Quark users who upgraded to Quark 7 from Quark 4, 5 or 6 will no longer be denied the legal use of their prior versions after they've installed Quark 7. In a press release issued earlier today, Richard Pasewark, Quark Senior VP of Sales (Americas) and Marketing said "this is in response to customer feedback and is another example of how Quark has fundamentally changed its approach to doing business in the last two years. Customers are thrilled with QuarkXPress 7 and based on user feedback this policy change will help streamline and fast-track the upgrade plans for many customers."

So basically since you paid for both versions Quark will let you actually use both versions. Nice of them, eh?

Quark counts this move (which never should have been at issue to begin with) as one more feather in their oh-so-user-friendly cap, pointing to other changes they've made in the last 2 years like "Free English-speaking technical support" and "The ability to deactivate and re-activate or transfer a license of QuarkXPress 7 from one computer to another without the help of technical support." Call me old fashioned, but I kind of expect those things to begin with.

Still, I give them points for seeing the light on this one. Maybe they'll just stop making boneheaded decisions early on so they don't have to keep "changing their approach" midstream.
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