When is a pre-order not really a pre-order?

When it's from Best Buy, that's when. Turns out those suckers valuable consumers who nabbed a PS3 pre-order from Best Buy's online store are getting the cold shoulder from the mega retailer. Best Buy sent out a curt email to customers the other day saying, "Your preorder for the PlayStation 3 gaming system will be canceled." Best Buy sez that its online store system was not "intended to take preorders," despite the fact that Best Buy availed its online store system to just such an purpose. As a consolation, pre-orderers are getting a $10 Digital Coupon towards a future purchase, but we're not sure that's going to do much to cheer up little Jimmy on Chrismahanukwanzakah morning. In other news, tipster Robert K. just got word that his pre-order of the Wii won't be honored at launch. His note blamed "European shortage of the Nintendo Wii Consoles," so we'll be watching to see if this is part of a larger problem of Nintendo delivery in Europe, or simply a screw-up on the part of