IEEE taskforce begins 18-month revision of laptop battery standard

If you were hoping that the IEEE would hurry those 802.11n proposals along, you're probably not thrilled to hear that an issue with a bit more precedence is probably taking top priority. While we WiFi freaks wait impatiently for the next-generation standard to get its own stamp of approval, the taskforce is now beginning the efforts to update the apparently insufficient "Standard for Rechargeable Batteries for Portable Computing." In a presumed attempt to make the next wave of notebook batteries carry less explosivetendencies, the IEEE 1625 standard is being updated "to further safeguard the reliability of laptop batteries." The standard itself "defines approaches for evaluating and qualifying such batteries, verifying their quality and reliability, and educating and communicating with end users," all of which should see fairly dramatic changes. The bad news is that the IEEE is estimating a full 1.5 years before the protocol can be updated, but assures the frightened consumer base that all major notebook / battery manufacturers "have indicated strong interest to participate" -- which makes perfect sense when those very companies are losing millions recalling the current designs.

[Via Laptoping]