Arima UM650UV1 UMPC: another XP ultra-portable that won't run Vista

It's been a long time since we've heard a notable peep from Taiwan's Arima... and then this. Meet the Arima UM650UV1 UMPC. This 1.1-inch thick / 1.5-pound UMPC delivers the, er, tricked-out specs of the UMPC poster boy -- Samsung Q1b -- only with a slim slidin' QWERTY always in tow. So we're talking a 1GHz VIA C7-M processor, 512MB DDR2 memory, VX700 UniChrome Pro graphics, up to 40GB of 4200RPM P-ATA disk, integrated webcam, and a 5-hour capable battery under a slightly leaner 6.5-inch 800x480 touch-sensitive LCD with LED backlight. Only thing is, you'll have to suck it up with your WiFi and Bluetooth jutting out the side on a USB stick. No? Us neither. You know, it's nice to see all these XP ultra-portables coming out of the woodwork suddenly, albeit, 6 months too late. What with Vista right around the corner, how 'bout announcing some of those v2 UMPCs running Vista we've been waiting on? Yes Acer, Averatec, LG, and Samsung, we're looking at you.

[Via Carrypad]