New PlayStation 3 commercial breaks a few eggs

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|11.09.06

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Sony's new television ad campaign for the PS3 is either brilliant or insane, depending on how you look at it. We'll admit that the Rubik's Cube commercial is pretty freaking awesome. Simple, funny and has an unexpected "in your face!" moment. Then there's the baby commercial, which is just plain ... wrong. It's creepier than the scene in Trainspotting where the baby goes crawling across Ewan McGregor's ceiling while he's detoxing from heroin. How is a crying baby doll going to sell consoles?

Next in the series is what will fondly by known as the eggs commercial, spotlighting the SIXAXIS controller. It's a bit avant garde -- using the controller as a magnet to pull eggs across the floor and then smash them into the opposite wall where they crack open and release fully-grown ravens. Student film meets Hitchcock meets the PS3 marketing team. It's unclear if they're trying to show off that the SIXAXIS has motion-sensitive controls or not. If we didn't know the PS3 spex by heart already, we'd say it was highlighting the fact that it's wireless.

As we've already pointed out, would it kill 'em to show us some of the cutting edge graphics we've come to expect from the PS3? Still, Sony gets kudos for trying something different. If they can top the Rubik's Cube commercial, then they've got something.

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