Toshiba debuts "Pala-Chan" uber-cute DAP

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Toshiba debuts "Pala-Chan" uber-cute DAP
It was love at first sight for us and this Pala-Chan seal/whale MP3 player thingy from Toshiba, and none of the charm has worn off now that Tosh has gone all commercial on us and started fronting its whole mobile line with the lovable little mascot. The 1GB player will cost you a less-lovable S$179 (around $114 US), but that's just the price of greatness. The best news is that Pala-Chan just got himself girlfriend (Papu-Chan), and Toshiba is planning on introducing Papu to his long-lost mother and father in the near -- and sure to be commercialized -- future.

[Thanks, Whale Lover]
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