KUKA Robotics and Primal Rides to release interactive amusement ride

There's nothing like wolfing down a delectable funnel cake, only to then strap yourself into a steel-framed contraption that lays down 2 Gs on your already-queasy stomach. Germany's KUKA Robotics is teaming up with Canada's own Primal Rides to unveil a new "fully interactive amusement ride" using the KUKA KR 500 robot as the "building block" of it all. The machine boasts a six-axis (not that SIXAXIS) robot with a 131-inch reach and capable of handling just over half a ton, all while throwing 2 Gs worth of force and countless smiles (or frowns, depending on the situation) on its riders. Apparently, the ride will hoist riders into a gunfight, where the intensity, speed, and variety of targets will increase as their scores skyrocket; additionally, KUKA claims that parks can "quickly and cost effectively change the theme and severity of the ride" by swapping out peripheral effects and robot programming sans the need for costly new nuts and bolts. While it's still unclear which theme parks have signed on for this robot-based thrill ride, we're sure EMMA, HOSPI, RI-MAN, and Quasi will be first in line to give it a whirl.

[Via Robbit Gossip]