Lost Planet multiplayer demo coming out on turkey day

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|11.10.06

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Lost Planet multiplayer demo coming out on turkey day
Capcom announced today that the multiplayer demo of Lost Planet will (finally) be available as a free download on Xbox Live come November 23rd. Stuff yourself with as much food as possible (although not turkey, you don't want to pass out) while this thing downloads and see what all the hubbub is about. Invite a few friends too, it supports 16 players online. We've enjoyed the time that we've spent in both the single-player and multiplayer versions of the game, and the response to the XBL demo currently available, which is single-player only, has been very favorable. If you want to know more about what you can expect, check out the videos from the multiplayer demo at the Leipzig Games Convention.

Retailers will also give gamers a chance to preorder the game on November 24th, which has been dubbed "White Friday" by Capcom. Anyone who preorders the game will be given a token card containing a code for XBL that will let you download a separate version of the multiplayer demo that contains an extra map, "Dilapidation." People who pony up for the collector's edition of the game will likewise be given access to a second bonus map which won't be released until summer of 2007 as a free download.

So by spending ten bucks extra, you'll get a special case, an art book *yawn* and an extra map. A whole set of extra maps might be worth the extra dough, but just one? Still not sold. With so many companies offering collector's editions of their games (Gears of War, Halo 2 & 3, Perfect Dark Zero, World of Warcraft), they really need to make it worthwhile to justify the extra cost, a flimsy tin case just isn't going to cut it anymore. Check out the Burning Crusade collector's edition to see what every publisher should be offering in these fancy packages.

Capcom will also be running a 60 second theatrical trailer for the game in front of movies like Casino Royale on over 2,000 screens, which = a buttload. With Gears of War using movie theaters for their "A Match Made in Hell" event, gamers will stop wanting to game on small(ish) screens, and will take the action to their local multiplex. We hate commercials in front of our movies, but we might be able to start making an exception for well-done game trailers. They are really trying to spread the word on this one, the image for this post was taken from an insert in at least one of our Gears of War game cases.

Hit us on Thanksgiving on XBL and we'll see how drowsy you are.
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